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NEPAL EARTHQUAKE: Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) Team Snapshot (as of 29 April 2015) (pdf) (OCHA、国連人道問題調整事務所)

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Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) Coordination & Operations Bases and Site Visits Updated as of 28 April 2015 PDC - EQ7.8 - USAR003 (pdf)



USAR/SAR Teams Deploying Status Team Information, Capacity, and Composition
Turkey (AFAD) ARRIVED 36 pax, 2 dogs
Turkey (AKUT) - NGO ARRIVED 20 pax
Turkey (ASYA SAR-KYM) - NGO ARRIVED 14 pax
Belgium (B-FAST) ARRIVED 2 pax
Belgium B-FAST)   43 pax, 4 dogs
China (BSR) ARRIVED 4 pax
Spain (BFS USAR) - ONGD ARRIVED 12 pax, 2 dogs
China (BXMBSR - Blue Sky Rescue) 1 ARRIVED 19 pax
China (BXMBSR - Blue Sky Rescue) 2 ARRIVED 1 pax, work with CISA
China (CISAR) ARRIVED 62 pax, 6 K-9
Indonesia (Dompet Dhuafa) ARRIVED 4 pax
Russia (EMERCOM)   91 people, 7 dogs
EST USAR   12 person
Finland (Finnrescue)   29 person and 2 dogs
Turkey (GEA USAR)   13 persons
Switzerland (G.I.S Rescue) ARRIVED 9 pax
Hungry (HUBA REscue24 Int.) ARRIVED 3 pax
Spain (IAE) ARRIVED 9 persons, 5 dogs
Indonesia (INA 1 - Jakarta Rescue)   Medical team (5 paramedic), 2 rescue person and 2 KP
India (SAR) ARRIVED 14 helicopters will be mobilized to support efforts
Germany (ISAR) ARRIVED 52 pax, 7 dogs
Israeli (Delegation IDF) ARRIVED 85 pax
(Joint Disaster Response Team)
ARRIVED 23 pax
Isarael (Israaid) ARRIVED 15 pax
Japan Rescue Dog Association ARRIVED 6 pax, 2 dogs
Japan (JDR USAR) ARRIVED 71 pax, 4 dogs
Korea (KDRT) ARRIVED 15 pax
Hungry (Kimse Yok Mu) ARRIVED 13 paz
Malaysia (SMART) ARRIVED  
Malaysia (MVFRA) ARRIVED 8 pax
Netherlands (NL USAR ) ARRIVED 62 pax, 8 dogs
Norway (NORSAR) STAND DOWN 34 pax, 3 dogs
New Zealand (NZL1) ARRIVED 37 pax
Pakistan SAR ARRIVED 38 pax, state-of- art equipment, ground penetrating radars, concrete cutters and other rescue equipment
Japan (Peace Winds) ARRIVED 10 pax, 2 dogs
France (PHF) ARRIVED 2 emergency doctors, 2 nurses, 5 search and rescue firefighters
Poland (POL) ARRIVED 81 pax, 12 dogs
France (PUI)   15 pax
UK/Germany (SARAID/AT-fire) ARRIVED 22 pax, 2 dogs, combied with AT-Fire for dogs acpacty
Singapore ARRIVED 2 pax
Singapore (SCDF) ARIRIVED 69 pax, 4 dogs, APHP team with to provide basic ICT support
Swiss ARRIVED Coordination and support, Assessment (static, medical, construction & shelter)
UAE USAR ARRIVED 87 pax, 6 dogs
UK ISAR ARRIVED Forward party 2 for team ETA 29 April
France (ULIS) ARRIVED 7 pax, 1 dog
USA-1 ARRIVED 57 pax, 6 dogs
USA-2   57 pax, 6 dogs
China (YB Mountain & Water Rescue Team)   12 pax
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